Kimberly Shea

Online English (ESL/EFL) Tutor

Hi my name is Kimberly and I’m a children’s English tutor from near Melbourne, Australia. I’m in my second year of tutoring exclusively online after being involved in education for over seven years

My goal is to share my love of learning with my students, building their confidence, as well as their competence, in English.

Online English Classes for Children​

Your child’s English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will improve
Bespoke curriculum with a focus on phonics encourages clear pronunciation and reading independence

If your child is a happy learner, they’ll be a better learner!
and engaging classes with interactive activities, games, songs, props, realia and rewards

Online classes so your child can learn English from anywhere
Working one-on-one with students around the world, from Melbourne to Beijing

A patient, kind and celebratory approach
Even after 500+ classes, I’ll never tire of seeing my students’ happy faces and cheering them on as they master something new

Encouraging life-long learning and a thirst for knowledge
120-hour TESOL
, Bachelor of Arts (Professional Writing and Editing), Grad. Dip. Arts Management and Master of Creative Media

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Where else can you find me?

Whales English Pre-K — G1A Teacher (KimberlySh)
I tutor students between the ages of 3-12 in a 1:2 classroom at Whales English. I evaluate their performance and tailor classroom activities using Whales’ Oxford and National Geographic curriculums. In class, I teach new vocabulary, model and scaffold grammar, develop reading fluency and comprehension.

BlingABC Tailored Course Teacher (KimberlySh)
I also deliver online English classes to groups of 8-18 students with BlingABC. I help students build new vocabulary, develop syntactic awareness and phonics knowledge. In each class I also facilitate pair and small group work to develop students’ communication skills.

Whales KimberlySh → kimberly_au on WeChat

I’d love to connect with any of my past students and families on WeChat to hear what you’ve been up to since finishing your classes. I hope that you and your families are all well and you’re still working hard practicing English!

Please scan the QR code to add me on WeChat or search for my WeChat ID: kimberly_au

I look forward to chatting with you soon!